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Attorney Richard E. Mirsky represents clients throughout the South Florida area, including Broward, Miami Dade, and Palm Beach counties.

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Our Case Results Speak Volumes

Driving Charged with DUI with Unlawful Alcohol Levels (Fourth Offense)
Results: Charges Dismissed

Facts: Officers observed defendant’s vehicle at slow rate of speed and ran vehicle tag. The search revealed a seize tag order and the driver’s license was suspended. Officers stopped the vehicle and detected signs of impairment. The defendant was asked to complete road sign tests and BAC Test. The defendant was arrested for his 4th subsequent DUI Charge.

Defendant Charged With Cannabis Possession (Second Offense) and Expired Driver’s License
Results: Charges Dismissed

Facts: Patrol Officer observed defendant’s vehicle at high rate of speed and initiated a traffic stop. Upon approaching the vehicle, the officer detected a strong odor of marijuana. The defendant was asked to show proof of license and registration. The defendant presented his out of state driver’s License.

The officer collected 4.5 grams of suspect marijuana and the defendant was arrested

Defendant Charged With DUI, Leaving the Scene of an Accident
Results: Charges Dismissed

Facts: The defendant struck a curb with his vehicle blowing out the front drivers side tire. The defendant continued to accelerate at high rate of speed into a shopping center. A security officer suspected intoxication and contacted officers in the jurisdiction while attempting to confront defendant. Meanwhile, a witness came forward to claim the defendant had caused a minor accident while he was backing into a parking space.

The officers arrived on scene and conducted a DUI Investigation and the defendant refused to perform roadside and breath tests.

Defendant Charged With DUI
Results: Charges Dismissed

Facts: The defendant was driving South bound on Southwest 117th Avenue and decided to make a sudden turn to the left. During the process, the defendant struck the vehicle next to him causing a crash. The officer arrived and noticed the odor of alcohol emitting from the defendants breath as well as glossy eyes.

The defendant was asked if he would submit to any roadside tests and he refused on the scene. The defendant was transported for a breath test which he refused.

Defendant Charged With Cannabis Possession, Drag Racing
Results: Cannabis Charge was Dismissed and Drag Racing was reduced to a lesser offense

Facts: Defendant’s vehicle was observed drag racing and officer conducted a traffic stop. Upon officers approach, they detected strong odor of marijuana emitting from the defendant’s vehicle. The officer asked the defendant if he had any illegal drugs and the defendant admitted to possession of marijuana.

A bag of approximately 10 grams was recovered from the defendant’s vehicle. The defendant was charged accordingly and the evidence was impounded.

Defendant Charged with Felony Driving On a Suspended License
Results: Charges Dismissed

Facts: The defendant was seen driving South bound at Southwest 288th Street. The defendant was stopped in reference to the tag light. Further investigation revealed that the defendant’s license was not valid due to 20 outstanding suspensions. The defendant was arrested and transported to jail.

Defendant Charged With DUI
Results: Charges Dismissed

Facts: Defendant was involved in a one car accident in a gas station parking lot. Upon officers turning the off and having the driver exit the vehicle, he was unsteady walking toward EMS personnel on scene. Defendant was slightly swaying and had a red blood shot eyes. The defendant was unable to do field sobriety exercises at that time due to him being transported by EMS. The defendant agreed to provide a blood sample at the hospital with the results .201g% and .204g% of alcohol per 100mL of blood.