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Attorney Richard E. Mirsky represents clients throughout the South Florida area, including Broward, Miami Dade, and Palm Beach counties.

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Seal Or Expunging Records

A criminal record can be a major obstacle in finding employment, qualifying for housing and in other situations requiring background checks. Even if the case was dismissed, your past may continue to persistently haunt you. Florida law allows that some criminal records which resulted from a single arrest may be either sealed or expunged, which means that all state and county public criminal records will either be hidden or completely destroyed.

There are a number of complicated rules that must be analyzed in order to determine if an individual can apply to have his or her arrest record sealed or expunged. The Mirsky Law Firm will become your most valuable asset, guiding you through the basic requirements that must be met. In the State of Florida, for example sealing your case can be filed under these conditions:

  • You did not plead guilty or were found not guilty for any criminal offense or ordinance
  • You have NOT received a prior sealing or expunction of a criminal history record
  • You must have completed any court ordered supervision applicable to the disposition to which the application pertains.

Other factors may need to be considered. If all legal criteria are satisfied, we will take decisive action on every element of your petition to expunge or seal your criminal record and help you move on with life.

If you qualify, you no longer have to face the negative consequences of having an arrest and conviction on your record. There will be no information available on the prior case history when someone runs a background check, and you are legally allowed to answer “No” when someone asks if you have a record. The only time that the record will be accessible for any type of review is under a court order from a government entity.

If you need legal assistance to seal or expunge your record, call the Mirsky Law Firm to see if you qualify. Schedule a free consultation today.

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