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13 people convicted of telemarketing fraud are facing federal prison

August 3rd 2017

Thirteen people convicted of defrauding $23 million from investors around the nation are facing federal prison terms, prosecutors said Friday.

All 13 were linked to telemarketing frauds, based in Miami Lakes and Marina Del Rey, Calif., that touted stocks for Sanomedics, Inc. and Fun Cool Free stocks between 2009 and 2015. More than 700 victims, mostly seniors, lost money.

The telemarketers claimed they were selling profitable shares in companies that provided infrared thermometers for humans and dogs as well as games for smartphones.

The salespeople also lied by claiming that successful people, including Cesar Millan, who is known as the Dog Whisperer, were involved in the venture, investigators said. No celebrities had endorsed the products.

Charles K. Topping, 40, of North Bay Village, Anita Sgarro, 54, of Marina Del Rey, Charles David Smigrod, 69, of Coconut Grove, Matthew William Wheeler, 33, of Miami, and James Wayne Long, 60, of Miramar, were convicted of fraud charges Thursday after a trial in federal court in Miami.

Craig Sizer, 48, of Miami; Keith Houlihan, 48, of Boca Raton; Miguel Mesa, 56, of Miami Lakes; Jack Willard Sini, 57, of Miami and Boynton Beach; Juan M. Perez Ortega, 46, of Miami Lakes; Martin Miller, 74, of Miami Beach; Jason David Hershberger, 39, and Shawna Leigh Lynch, 44, both of Fort Lauderdale, previously pleaded guilty to related charges. All 13 are free on bond and scheduled for sentencing later this year.

Original Story Published by Sun Sentinel on June 23, 2017.
13 People convicted of Telemarketing Fraud are Facing Prison

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