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March 24th 2020



The Coronavirus outbreak is certainly on all our minds and has had a dramatic effect on our lives. An unexpected side effect of the outbreak will likely be the spike in divorce rates and an increase in domestic violence-related cases.

Divorce rates in China have risen significantly because couples are spending too much time together at home during Coronavirus self-isolation. Officials in China believe the sharp increase of divorce requests is likely caused by the fact that partners have spent too much time together in closed quarters.

Confinement in one’s home is stressful and is likely due to fear of infection, limited options as to what you can do with your time, lacking a plan to cope with stress, and potential financial loss. The fear of domestic-related violence is an increased concern for those already vulnerable to domestic violence.

No question, when people have been quarantined in close quarters for an extended period, the result will likely be an inflammatory environment which could lead to a volatile marital relationship.

Because of the particular vulnerability of potential victims right now as a result of financial strains, health concerns, and travel restrictions, couples need to have a safety plan and a safe place at home to avoid escalation of tensions.

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