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Attorney Richard E. Mirsky represents clients throughout the South Florida area, including Broward, Miami Dade, and Palm Beach counties.

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Mirsky Law Firm is staying connected during Stay at Home Orders

Mirsky Law Firm is proud to announce that we have joined Zoom for video conferences. Zoom is a video conference service where clients can meet with the attorney virtually, anywhere, and on any device. Best of all, the service is free for our clients. We understand that many clients are unable to meet with us



  The Coronavirus outbreak is certainly on all our minds and has had a dramatic effect on our lives. An unexpected side effect of the outbreak will likely be the spike in divorce rates and an increase in domestic violence-related cases. Divorce rates in China have risen significantly because couples are spending too much time


Red Light Camera Update: Supreme Court Finally Makes Decision

Florida Supreme Court rules on red-light cameras. Drivers may not be happy. TALLAHASSEE Local governments can still use red-light cameras to catch traffic violators, the Florida Supreme Court ruled unanimously Thursday, resolving conflicting decisions from lower courts on how the devices should be used in ticketing traffic infractions. The court’s decision to uphold a 2010


Miami pulls the plug on its red light camera program

The days of wincing while driving through a Miami intersection on a yellow light will soon be over after city commissioners agreed Thursday to end their red light camera program early next year. By a unanimous vote, Miami commissioners chose to cancel their 2010 contract with American Traffic Solutions to maintain and operate dozens of


Highway Patrol tells troopers to write 2 tickets an hour, but ‘this is not a quota’

TALLAHASSEE- A high-ranking Florida Highway Patrol official wants every trooper under his command to write at least two more tickets an hour, an order a key legislator says is against state law. “The patrol wants to see two citations each hour,” Maj. Mark Welch wrote in an e-mail to the troopers in an eight-county region


Florida schedules its first execution in more than 18 months

Florida is planning to execute its next Death Row inmate in August — which will be the first execution in more than a year and a half amid months of legal limbo over the state’s death penalty law. Gov. Rick Scott on Monday issued a death warrant that reschedules Mark James Asay’s execution for 6


Latest attorney-client privacy issue at Guantánamo is called ‘unintentional’ listening

GUANTANAMO BAY NAVY BASE, CUBA A Navy prosecutor said unauthorized, unidentified people “unintentionally” overheard detainees consulting with their attorneys at a special, irregular meeting site to stir the latest controversy over attorney-client privacy at the wartime prison. “Any characterization regarding an intrusion in the attorney-client relationship is misleading,” said Cmdr. Douglas Short, lead prosecutor in


Miami judge rules Florida’s new Stand-Your-Ground law is unconstitutional

Florida’s updated “Stand Your Ground” self-defense law is unconstitutional, a Miami judge ruled on Monday. Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Milton Hirsch ruled that lawmakers overstepped their authority in modifying the law this year to force prosecutors to disprove a defendant’s self-defense claim at a pre-trial hearing. The judge ruled that under Florida’s constitution, that change should


13 people convicted of telemarketing fraud are facing federal prison

Thirteen people convicted of defrauding $23 million from investors around the nation are facing federal prison terms, prosecutors said Friday. All 13 were linked to telemarketing frauds, based in Miami Lakes and Marina Del Rey, Calif., that touted stocks for Sanomedics, Inc. and Fun Cool Free stocks between 2009 and 2015. More than 700 victims,


Hit-and-run crashes on the rise in Florida

The South Florida tally of hit-and-run crashes increased by two on Sunday, adding to a statewide number that has steadily risen over the last five years. A woman was hit and killed while crossing Congress Avenue in Boynton Beach early Sunday. And about 10 hours later a man died in Davie when he was hit